Spring Renewal

Good Refreshment

Tea Forté, “Lotus” Handcrafted Tea Blends

One sip and she’ll know why Tea Forté is renowned worldwide as the ultimate tea experience. The bestselling “Lotus” collection is a curated assortment of subtle, relaxing teas for mind, body and spirit: Darjeeling Quince, Lemon Lavender, Mountain Oolong, and Vanilla Pear. These small-lot, highest-grade, certified organic teas are difficult to source as they are rarely exported. Packaged in Tea Forté’s signature pyramid diffusers, to ensure that the delicate aromas of each unique blend come through in every soothing cup.


Good Treat

Melville Candy Company, Clover Honey Spoons

Perfect for adding a touch of spring sweetness to any hot beverage, these all natural, gluten-free, hand-poured honey spoons are made fresh to order. Added to a cup of hot water, each spoon is also a natural remedy for a sore, scratchy throat.


Good to Have

Jane, Inc., Silk Sleep Mask

Designed for maximum comfort while she gets her beauty sleep, this luxurious sleep mask is 100% silk, to be extremely gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes; and its generous shape completely blocks all light. In the spirit of spring, the dragonfly pattern celebrates wisdom, transformation, lightness and joy.


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