Love and Luxury

Good to Relax

Tonic Australia, “Dusk Meadow” Heat/Cool Pillow

Wonderful for relieving stress and body aches, or simply as a cozy wrap for a winter evening. This comfortably sized pillow is hand crafted in Australia and filled with locally sourced lavender and barley, encased in a beautiful, 100% cotton cover. Equally therapeutic when heated in the microwave or cooled in the refrigerator.

Good Treat

Guyaux, French Chocolate Truffles

Made in Paris by four generations of chocolatiers, using the highest quality cocoa and all-natural ingredients, Guyaux truffles have an ultra smooth texture and pure chocolate finish that put them in a class of their own. Packed in a wicker replica of the baskets historically used to store the “other” kind of truffles! (1.7oz; approx. 8 truffles per basket.)

Good Care

Pré de Provence, Argan Oil

Used for centuries as a beauty ritual by women in Morocco, Argan Oil is a lightweight antioxidant and ultra nourishing moisturizer with high levels of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. The light citrus scent adds a burst of sunshine. A muti-tasker, this 100% pure oil may be applied to hair, skin, and nails for instant radiance.

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