It's harvest season!

Good Care

Panier Des Sens, Soothing Almond Hand Cream

Rich in Vitamin E, almonds have been used since antiquity for their soothing and moisturizing properties. This comforting hand cream, made in Provence with all-natural ingredients, blends sweet almond with nourishing Shea butter, for soft and supple, beautiful hands.

Good Treat

Sutter Buttes, Parmesan-Asiago Spread

Putting a California spin on a classic Mediterranean treat, this delicious spread is made from a precise blend of two premium cheeses, fresh garlic, spices, and Sutter Buttes’ award winning, Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Serve on warm bread, sliced tomatoes, steaming pasta, baked potatoes, or as the secret ingredient to spice up a sandwich. The ways to enjoy it are endless!

Good to Have

Couleur Nature, Handmade Tea Towel

The Olive Tree, a worldwide symbol of peace, is beautifully rendered by Paris based designer Bruno Lamy, taking inspiration from the natural splendor of the French countryside. Made by hand using the ancient tradition of teakwood woodblock printing. Colorfast; 100% cotton.

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