Autumn Treats

Good to Have

Karen Adams Designs, Notebook and Pencils Set

Nothing says autumn like a new notebook and a fresh batch of pencils. Karen Adams Designs, based in Memphis, TN, is known for Karen’s joyful design aesthetic and hand-finished details. This charming notebook, with finishing touches of gold foil, is pretty enough to display on a desk or kitchen counter, while also compact enough for her purse. Each pencil has its own unique geometric design.

Good Care

Jardin de l’Olivier, Jardin Dry Oil

Olives are one of autumn’s iconic fruits, and olive oil is one of nature’s most mythic and effective skincare ingredients. Imported from France, this delicately fragranced, non-greasy (dry) oil uses revitalizing olive oil to nourish skin, restoring suppleness and softness.

Good Treat

Janis & Melanie, Cabernet Wine Biscuits

An Italian delicacy, wine biscuits are traditionally served with an after-dinner wine to complete an autumn meal. Janis & Melanie (who are sisters!) make their biscuits with semi-sweet red wine and a hint of pepper to give them an extra kick of flavor that complements fruit, cheese, coffee, espresso, and (need we say?) wine.

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